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Feeling stressed yet?

The new year can come with a heavyweight of pressure to post more. I’m here to lift some of that weight off of your shoulders. heavyweight

With the right strategy you can absolutely post less and earn more. One of my clients spent (and invested) so much into Instagram in 2020 - posting 3x a day, 2x live videos, podcasting, showing up in her stories, etc. While she did hit six figures, she was completely burned out.

After working on her social sales strategy, we reduced down to 3-5 posts WEEKLY, completely removed Instagram stories as a weekly strategy, eliminated 4 live videos per month - and she moved to 6-figure QUARTERS.

Quality over quantity played a major part in this transformation. It's not about how much you post, it's about the quality of your content and the strategy behind it. That energy needs to go into the right areas in your business to ensure you are converting, not just checking off “consistency” boxes.

We are fully booked at the moment but our waitlist is open! Dive into my comments for next steps!


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