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I'm about to tell you something.....

I'm about to say something that's going to hurt your feelings. I loveeeee you though!

Listen here - there are two phases in business - rookie phase and pro phase.

Many of you are struggling to close sales consistently because you've fallen into a permanent "pro" phase.

You had one or two 5-figure launches where you made a few razzle dazzle posts and sent a few emails and you believe that you've arrived to this next level of social media success where that's all it should take to generate consistent 5-figure months.

And you keep showing up with new offers and programs with the same energy you did before and are wondering why your launches are barely scrapping the $2k mark.

I've been a social media marketer for close to 10 years and I'll tell you what I know - if you are not growing your audience with the same vigor you did before you gathered your first 5k followers, you are going to struggle this year closing consistent sales.

If you built on clubhouse, stop telling me that clubhouse gets on your nerves now. If you built using Instagram lives, stop telling me that you hate being on live. If you closed sales by doing phone consultations, stop telling me that you only want to close through email. You do not get to coast by this year without doing the exact same income producing tasks you did when you had 100 followers. If anything, you need to be more intentional.

It's time to show up

It's time to show up to your business like a rookie again . In 2022, the coaches and service providers who create authentic, DIRECT relationships with their potentials are the ones who will win. The business owners who treat their audience like more than a number and actually seek connection will enjoy the fruits of their labor.

But when it comes to online selling, every year you are going to need to sit down in your seat and map out a 90 day window where you exert the needed energy needed to grow, nurture, and connect to a fresh audience that has the problem that you're called to serve. Think of it as your "promo tour". Otherwise you'll be presenting a fresh offer to stale group of people and you'll hear crickets more than you'd like to.

Stop looking at your social media neighbors who are in a different season than you - just because they just hit their pro phase does not mean you get to dismiss the fact that you need to increase your visibility with vigor.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


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