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Did you hire the wrong team?

My personal answer is YES if they are not helping you drive income production in a major way. There are three key income-producing activities that every Founder should be outsourcing daily:

• High-Level Brand Messaging - is there a sales content specialist on your team that has mastered your precious selling voice? Partnering with the right content specialist can save you 10 hours monthly of brainstorming content in a way that allows you to scale.

•Social Sales - who is helping you constantly create community and increase conversions through direct conversations? This is not optional.

•Visibility - who is helping you secure new podcast appearances? Who is helping you set up your YouTube or maximize SEO on your blog? Who is prioritizing partnerships for upcoming Summits and conferences?

Notice I didn’t ask YOU to do these things.

Being a CEO is cool - but being a founder means shifting out of the income-producing activities and OVERSEE the implementation of the growth of your organization. There is so much more locked in you that you want to birth and being a CEO is weighing you down.

Let’s elevate you to Founder mode!


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